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2016-2017 Sunday School Info

Posted by Rev. Aj Mildenberg on

Registration for Sunday School and Nursery

The computers and printers are in for the new registration system for Sunday School and the nursery/childcare. The Pathway, the computer registration system, has been rolled out. So, the process will be: the family arrives at CUMC. They login to the registration pads, located in the Gathering Place and by the childcare room either by the name or their phone number. A name tag will be printed which means they are registered. Visitors may receive a name-tag from Amy Severson, Children’s Ministry Assistant or I. Kids will proceed with their family to the Sanctuary or FLC and remain there until after the children’s moment. Following the children’s moment, the kids will proceed to their Sunday School classroom. If a child arrives in a classroom without a name-tag, they are not checked in. So, we will have ALL kids picked up from their classroom for the first couple of weeks, so that we can make sure all the “bugs” are worked out. This system will be MUCH better for security and for all.

Information for 4th/5th Grades

The 4th and 5th grade classes will be using a new “tween” curriculum that will help kids ready their hearts and minds for Confirmation. In 4th grade they will spend a year learning about the Old Testament and 5th graders will learn the New Testament. The curriculum has a DVD that goes with it. Both rooms will be equipped and ready to go with new TV’s and DVD players. Part of their curriculum is a Bible called the Connect Bible. Because this Bible is a little more advanced than the ones we have used in the past, we are moving the 2nd grade Bible program to 3rd grade. I have asked Ed King to move to 3rd grade and he has agreed. Ed does a great job of teaching the kids how to look something up and to use the Bible effectively. This will be a skill much needed for the 4th/5th grades. Ed has taught 2nd grade for many years however, this year he taught both 2nd and 3rd grade. When Mrs. Danner died, it was important for the kids not to grieve too much with her loss, I am extremely grateful! This Pre-Confirmation program means that we really would like your kids to be here each week. We will have a service project each semester and some fun events with an over-night/lock in during the spring! We will be ordering Bibles for the classroom, if you would like to purchase one, we will have them for students at half the cost. They are $22.00 and we will have them available for $11.00, please see Pastor Aj if you would like one. They are due to arrive by August 21st.

Teachers for 2016-2017 and rooms

3’s                                          116                         NEED TEACHER

4’s                                          115                         NEED TEACHER

Kindergarten                           117                         Jennie Butler

1st Grade                              207                         Sandy/ Keith Weisner

2nd Grade                             208                         Aria Chenney and Heather/Tobias Shepherd

3rd Grade                             209                         Ed King

4th Grade                             LL14                       Monte Mildenberg

5th Grade                             LL13                       Ken Evancic/Dave Coleman

If you are interested in teaching please let me know! I would love to have you! You can teach every week or every other! Please thank these wonderful people who love your kids!