Governing Council


Governing Council


The Governing Council provides strategic leadership for Carmel United Methodist Church and structures/oversees the mission, vision, and ministry of the church. The Governing Council establishes accountability systems to ensure strategic priorities are accomplished. The purpose of a single council structure is to free up the maximum number of people to be in ministry and to be more efficient and effective in conducting the business of the church.


Twelve persons:

    • Five persons serve in an executive board capacity (Chair of GC, Vice Chair of GC, Chair of Finance, Chair of Trustees and Chair of Staff Parish
    • Six positions are representatives of operations of the church - Trustees, Finance, and Staff Parish (two each committee).
    • One position reserved for youth/young adult

Each position serves a three year term. Two consecutive terms may be served. After that at least one year sabbatical must be observed before serving another term
33% of the board changes each year to provide continuity of service
Each of the executive positions and the operational positions hold one vote within the council
The Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Business Administrator are regular members of the GC but hold no vote
The work of the secretary is accomplished by the office manager who also holds no vote.

Governing Council Meeting Agenda:

GC meetings are open to all membership. Any time a Staff Parish meeting is called, it is a closed meeting to only the Chair of Staff Parish, the staff parish operations positions, Senior Pastor and chair of GC unless an invitation is offered to any others. Closed executive sessions may also be called as needed and those are closed meetings (open to Chair of GC, Vice Chair of GC, Chair of Finance, Chair of Trustees, Chair of Staff Parish, Senior Pastor, Business Administrator).

An annual calendar is maintained to ascertain that annual pieces of business are addressed (i.e. financial campaign, etc.).

Meeting agenda will

1. Convene with review of vision statement, prayers
2. Spiritual leadership development determined by Sr. Pastor
3. Operational business (Finance, Trustees and Staff Parish)
4. Staff reports from Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor and Business Administrator sharing reports of their direct Staff and ministry reports

The Senior Pastor and Chair of GC will convene an annual retreat for in-depth planning work and strategic planning.

If you or someone you know would be a good fit for the Carmel United Methodist Church Governing  Council, please download the below documents and submit the application to the Church Office.

Doc: Application for Governance Committee

Doc: Governing Council Position Descriptions