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    Churchill's Selfie

    02.28.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

    As we share in the sermon series "Death to Selfie"  leading to Easter,  I remember saying yon Sunday that hopefully we will release who we are supposed to be and will embrace who we already are. I suppose as we talk about selfies...

      A Tribute to Billy Graham

      02.26.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

      We have lost one of the great saints of our faith, Rev. Billy Graham. I fully believe that the moment that he met God in heaven, there was a beautiful and loving embrace...well done good and faithful now is your crown of...

        Get Back Up

        02.23.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

        I don't know how many of you have followed the Winter Olympics like I do, but these games make me an avid sports fan. The stories of dedication and commitment inspire me. Last week in doubles ice dancing, Chock/Bates were skating so beautifully...

          In Prayer

          01.30.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

          One of my regular sources of inspirational reading right now is "A Guide to Prayer" from the Upper Room. It seems that there are seasons when our church family is touched more strongly by death. I apologize if I forget any or there have been...

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