Youth Ministries


Youth Ministries


The Carmel UMC Youth Ministry exists to encourage and equip students to become lifelong followers of Jesus who are connecting, growing and serving as a part of God’s church.


All students are required to fill out the Student Information Form. This form provides the Youth Ministry Team with the appropriate contact information so communicating with students and parents is effortless.



  • Students can have meaningful relationships with God and others
  • Parents are the primary influencers of their student’s faith
  • Every teenager needs a network of caring adults to help them navigate adolescence and faith
  • Students’ participation in the life of the church is more important that “cool” programming
  • Students need a realistic perspective of the “messed-up-ness” of the church to know that they are safe to wrestle with their own sinfulness and doubts.

Students Influencing the World

We want every student to experience what it is like to serve like Jesus did. Mission trips are an ideal format to get student out of their comfort zone and discover a dependence on God that they don’t feel as strongly on a daily basis. Not only do we have the opportunity to impact the lives of those we serve but most often, are more impacted by the realities of what it means to be a part of bringing about God’s Kingdom on earth.


These weekly programs create the leverage to teach and remind students of the tangible ways that faith impacts their lives at home, school and in their leisure time. Think of these as the ongoing fuel to keep them plugging away at the lifetime process of becoming more like Jesus.


Weekly Youth Worship on Sunday nights from 5:15-7:30pm meets in the Youth Center (the Hub). We now have the gym space for the hangout time for greater flexibility during Intersect! Join us at 5:15 Sunday evenings during the school year! The schedule is typically: 5:15-6 - Hangout     6-6:45 - Worship/Message      6:45-7:30 – Meal

Grow Groups:

Small group Bible studies that are tailored to a specific age and gender and provide an environment for deeper biblical learning and application, accountability and mentoring.

These groups are where your student will make the deepest connections with peers and an outstanding youth leader and also grow in their relationship with God. We currently have: 2 junior high girls groups, 1 junior high boys group, 2 senior high girls group, and 2 senior high guys groups. If you want your students in a group, or have any questions, please contact Scott McDermid.


Retreats and other special events interject fresh energy into the group dynamic and give a platform for adults to invest significant time in the lives of busy students. Think of these as a jump start to get the spiritual engine running. Events like Fall Retreats, WinterBlast, Senior Led Spring Retreat…

All EVENTS can be found through the Events Page!


We do it all. Reservations, preaching, communications, mentoring, bus driving, music, you name it…we’ve done it (and then some). We are a bit quirky but don’t bite so take the time to get to know us a bit better.


Helene Foust
Director of Youth Ministries

Kevin Andrews

Kevin Andrews
Minister of Youth