Pastor Tim Burchill

Rev. Adriane Curtis

Associate Pastor & Director of Young Adult Ministry

Tom Blessing

Director of Praise Team Ministry

Barbara Krueger

Minister of Shepherding and New Members

Tiffany Lehman

Director of Preschool

Rev. Barb Marshall

Local Missions Coordinator

Rev. Aj Mildenberg

Minister of Children & Families

David Morton

Director of Music Ministry

Rev. Matt Sherrill

Director of Youth Ministries


Carl Bruhn

Church Superintendent

Pat Morrison

Office Manager

Myriam Boyer

Finance Secretary

Nicole Todd

Preschool Admin. Coordinator  

Jennifer Hampton

Communications and Media Specialist


The Governing Council provides strategic leadership for Carmel United Methodist Church and structures/oversees the mission, vision, and ministry of the church. The Governing Council establishes accountability systems to ensure strategic priorities are accomplished in conducting the business of the church.

Michael Kromstain