• This last Sunday we celebrated Pentecost which is the birthday of the church. We are reminded each year of the Scriptures in the Book of Acts that describe flames of fire that rested upon the heads of those present as the Holy Spirit descended to dwell within each of them. As thousands were baptized that day, the church was birthed.

  • Look around for a very large tree that is tall and has branches that extend far out from its trunk. Lie down on the ground under that tree and pause there quietly. Don’t worry if anyone sees you, they won’t think you have lost their mind...they will be envious of you taking that moment.

  • When Dayton, Ohio was put under a tornado warning before the tornadic activity began thousands of social media posts said..."Thanks for ruining my night Jamie. (Jamie Simpson is the Meteorologist on TV)  You ruined Bachelorette for everyone." Another said: "Get off my TV."

    This really makes me ask several questions about our priorities and also our response to interruptions in our day. Am I the only one wondering????