• Last Sunday we started a two week series on the topic of Spiritual Gifts (click here to hear the sermon). I am taking advantage of the timing to be in the homework mode and am assigning homework myself. 

    Before next Sunday, in fact to make next Sunday’s message pertinent to each one of you individually, please take one of two Spiritual Gifts surveys that we are making available.

  • A few weeks ago, I shared something in my message that I read byJohn Piper, a well known preacher. He says that every day God is doing perhaps 10,000 different things in our lives but you will only be dimly aware of perhaps three of those things. The number is arbitrary but the point is absolutely right. We barely get a glimmer of all that God is doing in us, through us and for us.

  • I am at war in my yard and am enlisting any help I can get from multiple products. Who or what am I fighting? Moles!!! I have heard stories from people who have almost lost their mind in this battle and I fear I may be joining them. I have lost large areas of mums, coreopsis, shasta daisies and black eyed daisies due to these critters. To say nothing of the soft spots in my lawn and raised areas in my beds!