Workout Your Prayer Muscle

Early Thursday morning, my son and I took our dogs out for a walk even though it was very cold and the ground ice covered. At the end of our walk as we gingerly made our way up my driveway, he pushed the garage door code. It only opened about 3 inches. I suggested he try again and eventually with more effort in pushing in the numbers, he was able to see the door move properly. 

The garage door would not work without the proper effort made by the operator. It made me think about prayer which I will speak about in the February 9 worship services. We need to work at praying. Why should it matter if we work at prayer or not? Because it shows that what we are doing/praying really matters to us.

Pastor and writer C.H. Spurgeon once said,

“Prayer pulls the rope down below and the great bell rings above in the ears of God.

Some scarcely stir the  bell, for they pray so languidly;

Others vie only an occasional jerk at the rope.

But he who communicates with heaven is the man who grasps the rope boldly

And pulls continuously with all his might.”

Scripture reminds us to pray fervently, to pray regularly, to pray boldly to God. Why does this matter to God? I believe that when we choose to communicate with God in this manner that we are in a true relationship. God knows what is on and in our hearts but when we choose to take time to express that from our hearts to God, we are choosing to be in relationship with God. God wants a relationship, an authentic and vital relationship, with all of us. 

So take time today and have a real conversation with God. What or whom do you need to pray for this very moment? Stop and do that asking for something specific. Be bold.


Pastor Patti