Care Ministries


Care Ministries

Caring for our Carmel UMC family is important to us. Through Stephen Ministries, Counseling Services, Visitation Ministry, and our Prayer Chain, we work to bring Christ to the lives of our family members.


The Stephen Ministry Program at Carmel United Methodist Church equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian one-to-one care to those who are experiencing many types of life difficulties and circumstances. Learn More


The Christian funeral service is the final celebration of a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and is, therefore, an act of worship. The congregation and your pastors want to minister to our families on the occasion of death. When a loved one dies, we encourage you to call one of our pastors as soon as their presence would be helpful to you. Arrangements for the funeral should be made in consultation with a pastor. Services can be held in our Sanctuary, Chapel, at the graveside, or in the Funeral Home. A memorial service can be arranged in the Sanctuary or Chapel at a time convenient for the family. Our organist is available to play for funeral and memorial services in our facility.Call 317.844.7275 for assistance.


Marriage: The ceremony of a Christian marriage is a covenant undertaken in the sight of God with the intent of establishing a relationship responsive to God. Because of this, we believe church membership is necessary and is an important indication of that intent. The Christian celebration of marriage is different than a civil ceremony and presupposes a pastoral relationship that does not begin nor end with the ceremony. For these reasons, we expect couples seeking marriage to participate regularly in the life of Carmel United Methodist Church, including worshipping at CUMC a minimum of 10 times in the quarter prior to scheduling a wedding.

One of the pastors of CUMC must officiate your wedding, though other pastors may assist upon invitation by the officiating pastor.

 Please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Veronica Cooper, with questions or to schedule your wedding at