Endowments & Planned Giving


Endowments & Planned Giving

The Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in the early 1990’s as a means to provide for the future of Carmel United Methodist Church’s charitable, educational, and religious efforts, as well as for the care of its facilities.

Those who give to the Fund are doing so to give thanks to God for blessings bestowed, to express their devotion to Christ and His church, and to honor loved ones whose lives have served as an inspiration or make a difference in a mission, specials needs area, outreach or something that touches their heart for as long as Carmel UMC exists..

The purpose of the Fund is to manage and invest bequest gifts received by the church and distribute the investment earnings in compliance with the donor’s intent assuring that they are used to fulfill the purposes of the church in its Christian ministry and mission.

Since only the investment income is distributed (unless otherwise directed by the donor), the donor has the assurance that their gift will be a lasting contribution to the church. Your gift works forever! 

What should I do if I would like to know more about gifts to the Endowment Fund?

If you want more information about the Endowment Fund or who to contact about considering your legacy with the church, feel free to contact the Senior Pastor, Business Administrator or any member of the Endowment Committee (listed below).

The financial resources of any individual are both personal and confidential.  For that reason, you may prefer to discuss your gifts with your attorney, financial advisor or tax consultant.

For more information about the Fund and the church’s “Gift Acceptance Policy” or email us at: 

You can also reference the articles recently published by the Endowment Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Gifts Tax Exempt?

Yes. Your gifts to the Fund are deductible for federal and state income tax  purposes.  Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, and all gifts of value are generally exempt from federal and state estate taxes and gift taxes. A tax professional can provide specific information regarding your financial gift.

Who Manages the Fund?

An Endowment Committee selected from  the church membership governs the Fund. 

Additional members of the committee include the Chairpersons from the Finance Committee, Trustees, the Senior Pastor, and the Business Administrator. Regular meetings are held at the church and updates are made periodically to the Church Governing Council.

How are the Funds Invested?

All of the funds are invested with the United Methodist Foundation of  Indiana. Monthly financial statements are provided to the Endowment Committee.


Rev. Patti Napier, Senior Pastor
Kevin Sweeney, Church Administrator
David Cartmel
Amy Maierhofer
Gary Noonan
John Peters
Chuck Schalliol
Greg Sheridan
Eric Stickford