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God's Presence

07.23.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier


    As we share in the sermon series "126th and Broadway", one message that is consistent in all of the Broadway plays is that God is a consistent presence throughout our lives. In "The Sound of Music", Maria learned this. In "The Lion King", Simba learned this. And in "Godspell" all of those who followed Jesus learned this.

    I too was reminded of this as I returned from my vacation. I love the birds, inherited this from my father, and feed them daily. Sunflower seeds in one feeder, mixed wild bird feed in another and of course sweet water for the hummingbirds. I enjoy time on my patio watching as my regulars feed including a family of ducks who came up several times a day. I have been reminded that they were there because I fed them daily.

    I didn't have anyone to feed them while I was gone for 10 days and when I started to feed them again upon my return, I realized that my regulars had given up on me and moved on. I had left them and they had to look elsewhere for food.

    God will never leave us nor forsake us. If we go away, He is there waiting for us to return. If we forget to acknowledge the presence of God, He is still there. If we go through challenging times, God stays with us. God will never stop feeding us if we will just be available. Thanks be to God!!!

    Rev. Patti Napier
    Senior Pastor
    Carmel UMC

    p.s. I suppose new families of birds are finding me as activity is slowly  returning!!!

    The well of God's providence is deep, the buckets we bring are small. --Mary Webb