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Kristin and Danny

04.16.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

Kristin and Danny

    If I were to think of one word which both the author of "You and Me Forever", Frances Chan and our speakers yesterday, Kristin and Danny, the word would be FOCUS.

    From both of these sources, we are reminded that having the focus on God in our marriages (and for that matter all relationships) gives to us a proper grounding and continued presence we otherwise would never know. It is God's presence which gifts us and guides us to become more and more like God and in relationship with God.

    Frances Chan explains it to us that we need to always be living for the eternal. All the decisions we make, how we live our lives, etc. is to be all about how it should be done for us to know and receive the eternal. Our living is to be eternity focused.

    Kristin and Danny shared their personal testimonies as well as that of their marital relationship from the perspective first of how their beginning was not with focus on God but with focus on themselves and what they wanted. Once each of them found God and began that growing relationship, they were transformed into the image of God for each other and for their family. that you in your marriage and in other relationships????

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    Rev. Patti Napier
    Senior Pastor
    Carmel UMC