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Making Change - week 1

06.04.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

Making Change - week 1

    I am really excited and passionate about the message of this two week series "Making Change". I live it daily and am continually growing in its principles. I have worked with my own children through it, and I share it in my premarital counseling.

    I am also feeling very blessed and so filled with joy with the recent home improvement at my house. I have enclosed what was a screened in patio with glass so that it is now a 3-season room. My patio has always been a happy place for me in my home but now, I am sooooo happy!!!

    I built my home 17 years ago and would have loved to have had a 3 season room sooner. At times in conversations, I would say that I would love to have it done and I think that sometimes folks thought I wanted them to feel sorry for me. But honestly...I was saying "no" until I could actually afford to pay for the project without debt. Less was more for me, and I felt good about that!

    It was really nice the first week after the project was done to sit out there and look at the pond behind my house with all of the ducks and blue heron and birds because I had not paid for it yet! But Sunday, I wrote the check for the entire amount of the project, and you know, that was really fun in a different kind of way. I find myself sitting out there feeling such joy and sharing my gratitude with God.

    If you miss the series, please catch up on line or on the Carmel UMC mobile app. And don't forget, we are again offering Financial Peace University this summer. Don't miss it. Email Chris Thornsberry with questions!!!! 

    Rev. Patti Napier
    Senior Pastor
    Carmel UMC