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Next Steps

05.21.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

Next Steps

    This last Sunday we confirmed 21 sixth graders who accepted Jesus as their Savior and have begun membership with Carmel UMC.

    When I was thinking about their "next steps", I thought this was a lesson for me today, a lesson for the confirmands and a lesson for all of us.

    As a pastor writing a sermon, it really feels good when God really begins pouring into you and your sermon just flows. I was in that mode on Thursday when I got a call. As a chaplain for the Carmel Police Dept., I know when it says "No Caller ID", this is a call from the department calling me out. I looked at that message and kept thinking, but I am really on a roll. And I pondered should I pick it up as it is not my usual week on call. I tried to let it ring a couple of times but felt this strong compelling feeling...this is God's work too.

    As I think about all of us, including the confirmands, I think how interruptions in our life affect us. God's work and the need to grow in our faith often can be seen as an interruptions and what do we choose to do? And isn't it true that most of it is about a decision for this world or a decision for God? Is God an interruption in today's life?

    In the days, weeks, months and years ahead, the confirmands are going to have to make many decisions about priorities and interruptions in their life.

    -do I choose this sport over God?
    -do I watch this television show or read this article on-line instead of a Bible study
    -do I attend worship or sleep in?
    -do I pack so many activities into my life leaving no time for God?

    I guess we can just let that call from God ring and ring and ring and to be left unanswered-- or we can make a commitment that would instead follow God and honor God. I have prayed for each of the confirmands individually for these challenges they will face. I hope that you will also...and not just for them but also for each one of ourselves.

    blessings, Patti