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Peaks and Valleys

04.09.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

Peaks and Valleys

    It is probably no surprise that Holy Week and Easter for a pastoral team takes great work and is very emotional and spiritual. Easter service was amazingly beautiful thanks to the tremendous leadership team at CUMC. Certainly always a high moment in the journey of faith for Christians.

    The services during Holy Week certainly help us to remember and re-member those final days of Jesus on earth culminating in His crucifixion. This is certainly a deeply emotional time as we sit with the realization of what Jesus gave for us. It leaves us with feelings of sadness and emptiness.

    And then on the heels of Holy Week, we share a very celebratory and energetic time --Easter! It is a mountain top time for Christian faith and we know that as our churches are filled to hear and sing the hallelujahs with such joy. Jesus is risen so we may realize the opportunity of salvation and eternal life!

    And then on the heels of Easter--it is called low Sunday. I am certain you may guess why. And I believe that the majority of our lives are lived on that low Sunday level. The peaks and the valleys come but typically last for only a period of time. I think that sometimes we would like the peaks to last longer and come more often. We wish that the valleys would just stay away. When we are in the valley or on a peak, we tend to reach out and to really feel the presence of God...we desperately want Him. But what about all those days in between?

    I think that the most of our life is lived as those days in between and therefore we are to hold onto the experience we had of God in the peaks and valleys and to also find Him in the day-to-day kinds of moments. This requires commitment and discipline because we can allow our daily business to consume us and we forget how much we need God.

    Don't forget that God wants to be a significant part of your day today!!!!

    blessings in Christ, Patti