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Rehearsed and Ready

06.25.18 | Sunday Into Monday | by Rev. Patti Napier

Rehearsed and Ready

    Back in 2005, then director of Purdue Glee club, Brian Breed, was asked by Bishop Mike Coyner:

    Is it true that singers don't know which songs they will be performing or who will be singing solos until the actual time of a concert or presentation?

    The response: "Absolutely. No one know what we will be singing, not even me, until I am in the midst of leading a program. We want that kind of flexibility to be spontaneous and to react to the audience. So all of our young men are ready to sing any of about 100 songs in our repertoire, and they are also ready to sing solo parts when I point to them.

    Question: How much do you practice?

    The Response: "We don't practice, we rehearse!" Practicing implies that we aren't' quite ready, while rehearsing means that we prepare until we get it right. We are always rehearsed and ready."

    What do you think...should the idea of being "rehearsed and ready" apply to our Christian life? We go to church to rehearse our Christian faith, so that all week long we are ready to live our lives as full and complete followers of Christ. I can't say that I see hypocrites on Sundays in our churches, I see people who are rehearsing on Sunday the way they want to live their lives all week. Church is the place where study, worship, prayer and sharing helps us to rehearse and be ready to live our faith at home, at school or at work. Church is a place to rehearse until we get it right, and then we are ready to respond in faith whenever we are called upon.

    ...rehearsed and ready...

    Rev. Patti Napier
    Senior Pastor
    Carmel UMC