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Who's Life Have You Touched Today?

06.18.18 | News | by Rev. Patti Napier

    I came across this story that I first read in 1999 and love it so share it with you.

                        Whose life have you touched today?

                Don't underestimate the difference you can make.

    A young boy was fascinated as his family had one of the very first telephones in their neighborhood. He would listen with fascination when his mother used to talk in it and then he discovered that somewhere in the device lived an amazing person named "Information Please". There was nothing she did not know. 

    The little boy was home alone one day when he hit his finger with a hammer. The pain was terrible and there was no one home to offer any sympathy. The telephone! Picking up the receiver he heard "Information please"  

    "I hit my finger" and he started crying.

    "Is your mother home?

    "Nobody is home."

    "Are you bleeding?"


    "Can you open the icebox? Chip off a piece of ice and hold it on your finger."

    After that the boy called "Information Please" for everything. She helped with math, told him his pet chipmunk which he had caught in the park would eat fruit and nuts.

    He called her when Petey, his pet canary, died and she listened. He asked her "Why is it that birds should sing beautifully and bring joy to all families only to end up as a heap of feathers on the bottom of a cage?"

    "Paul, you need to always remember that there are other worlds to sing in."

    The boy moved away but when traveling to college, he passed through the town where he had gotten to know the operator. He dialed the phone and heard "Information Please" and that same voice that said "I guess your finger must have healed by now."

    He then shared with "Information Please" how much those calls had meant to him.


    "Information Please" shared "I wonder if you know how much your calls meant to me. I never had any children and I used to look forward to your calls." 


    He asked if he could call again and "Information Please" said "please do. Just ask for Sally." The now young man was back in town 3 months later and a different voice said "Information." He asked about Sally.


    He was told "I am sorry to tell you but Sally had been working part-time the last few years because she was sick. She died five weeks ago. Did you say your name was Paul? She left a message for you. Tell him I still say there are other worlds to sing in. He'll know what I mean."


    He knew what Sally meant.


         Never underestimate the impression you make on someone today.


    blessings, Pastor Patti