Carmel United Methodist Church’s “Missions Ministry” activities are divided into 3 geographic categories. Within each of these categories there are various ways we serve:

  • Time & Talent: Participating in “Mission Trips” as a team member
  • Prayer: Praying for members of mission trip teams (and those being served by them)
  • Materials: Donating materials and supplies to be used by mission trip teams
  • Donations: Donating $$ that can be distributed to mission projects to use as-needed
  • Evangelism: Spreading the word about our missions, and for Jesus’ love for those we serve
Local Missions

Serving Hamilton County and the surrounding areas

National Missions

Serving in various places in the United States

International Missions

Serving outside of the United States 

Everyone is encouraged to participate in any (or all) of these methods of serving. We recognize that God blessed each of us with different talents, skills, economic status, and free-time. While we would love everyone to be able to participate in all the above manners, we realize that each person’s situation is unique; so feel free to participate in whichever ways you are able. At Carmel UMC there are enough different ways to “plug-in” to Missions that virtually everyone can take part (in some way) and help us spread the good news of Jesus’ love for all. 


January- Fletcher Place
February- Henderson
March-Habitat for Humanity
April- ESL
May- IHN
June- Soups On
July- Taima Enterprise- W. Africa
August- Food Pantry
September-Crop Walk
October- Kids Coats
November- Angel Tree
December- Pastor's Discretionary Fund

Quick Connect Moments, a 10-15 minute Missions Q&A in the Conference Room between services (10:15-10:30am) on the first Sunday of each month to connect with Mission Leaders and find opportunities to serve. These Quick Connect Moments will correlate with the loose change for the month.