Carmel United Methodist Church’s “Missions Ministry” activities are divided into 3 geographic categories. These are local, national and international. Within each of these categories there are various ways we serve:

                                                                                    Time & Talent: Participating in “Mission Trips” as a team member

                                                                  Prayer: Praying for members of mission trip teams (and those being served by them)

                                                                         Materials: Donating materials and supplies to be used by mission trip teams

                                                                 Donations: Donating $$ that can be distributed to mission projects to use as-needed

                                                           Evangelism: Spreading the word about our missions, and for Jesus’ love for those we serve

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We’ve got a lot of great teams for you to get involved with to use your passions and talents to serve!


Our February Food Drive Raised:

1741 Seed Packets for Personal Gardens

1138 Cans of Tuna and Toilet Paper Packets

327 Boxes of Cereal and Jars of Jelly

Thank you to everyone who supported the Food Pantry!

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a federal program that helps supplement food for anyone in need of support. It operates between the hours of 1pm and 3pm on the third Friday of each month from our parking lot. To learn more click here. Visit us:


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Serving Hamilton County and the surrounding areas. These ministries include the Food Pantry, Angel Tree, Kids Coats, Robert's Park UMC Soups On, Bags of Hope, Family Promise, the Food Pantry Vegetable Garden and Green Team.

Serving in various places in the United States. These include Henderson Settlement, Annual Youth Mission Trip, and CUMC Disaster Relief teams. 

Get involved serving with Taiama Enterprise Academy in Sierra Leone, the Betty Carew Foundation in Sierra Leone, or support community development and empowerment projects in San Andrés Semetebaj, Guatemala.