• FOOD PANTRY—The Food Pantry is always posting their greatest needs on our Facebook page weekly. They are also always in need of PAPER GROCERY BAGS. Donations can be left in the DONATION CLOSET at the pantry.  

  • FOOD PANTRY GARDENS—The Food Pantry Gardens ministry is in need of plastic clamshell containers that have been washed. They will use these for the homegrown herbs and vegetables that are growing in the gardens. These containers can be left in the DONATION CLOSET at the FOOD PANTRY.

  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - Vacation Bible Scool needs lots of items: Christmas Lights: Any and all colors!, Metallic Ribbon, Garland & Tinsel, Boxes: We use boxes to build everything, Wrapping Paper Tubes, Fake Snow - cans of spray or fluff, Metallic Wrapping Paper, Popcorn & Christmas Goodie Tins, Metal Cans—(please no sharp edges), Baking Sheets—old ones, Bottle Caps– great for making buttons. All donations can be marked for VBS and brought to the church. 




There are many ways you can serve, some are in person, some are off-site, and some can be done from the comfort of your own home. We are blessed to have so many talented members in our church.

Select a WAY TO SERVE by clicking the link, then fill out a form with more specific tasks to volunteer!