• Today is the first day of spring (hallelujah!). I love all the seasons and am always ready for them to change. The first day of spring is always a reminder to me that grooming is to begin for my dog. I love letting her hair grow all fall and winter as she looks like a teddy bear but that does not serve her well when the temperatures rise.

  • We have officially kicked off the season of Lent. Do you know why Lent is 40 days? Why do people give up things for Lent? Take this fun 40 days of Lent quiz.

  • I want to start by saying that these are very difficult times for the United Methodist denomination but also for the many families and individuals who have a personal connection to this concern.

    The General Conference special session called to address human sexuality in regard to marriage and ordination has come to a close. I think that many of us have been surprised by the outcome.