Years ago while on a safari in Africa, the lions taught me a very good lesson. We traveled in a Jeep for two weeks following the great migration of animals. The Jeep was without doors, barely a roof and we were clearly exposed.

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One of the Biggest Rats of All Time?

          CNBC ran a story on its website listing the worst CEO’s of all time.  At the top of their list was Dick Fuld. Can you be in the rat race and not become a rat?  Sure, with God’s help you can.  But if you’re going to lead in a Christ-like way, I’m guessing you want to avoid some of Fuld’s character flaws....

The Irrepressible Forgiveness of Our God


We just finished an important sermon series on the power of forgiveness to heal our souls, restore our relationships, and bring us into a right relationship with God. 

This is a prayer that Pastor Aj wanted to pray yesterday but ran short of time to do.

Read the prayer here:  

Comedian Turns Snarky Reply into Generosity

Here is an illustration that I wanted to include this past Sunday but ran out of time.

A Word From My New Research Assistant

      Being able to forgive ourselves—our ability to allow God’s amazing grace to uncover, weed out, and heal our guilt and shame—is never easy, but it is critical to our growth as children of God.  The following is what the new, improved ChatGBT came up with in terms of articles online that might help—at least in a secular, psychological context.  Go ahead and click on the links if you want to follow up.