• I look out my window today, and it is eerily silent. Not even a single bird has come to roost anywhere in my yard. My dog, Ava, does not even bother to look out the window where she normally gazes for long periods of time. 

  • All of these certainly are signs of a changing season and the arrival of autumn. I am sometimes asked…


    -So what do we as Methodists believe about Halloween?

    -Why is All Saints a Christian observance?


    The answers I provide are Methodist answers to these questions, not Patti answers, but I do agree with them.

  • Before worship this last Sunday, there were many members who shared in a prayer walk around the church inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit to be present in every space and moment. Each of us walked silently in prayer covering various parts of the church knowing that within an hour those spaces would be filled with hearts for God.