Entering 2020...How will you approach the New Year?

Roundabouts are a way of Life…at least in Carmel, IN

In Carmel, a frequent topic of conversation is roundabouts and certainly most everyone has an opinion. I will admit that I have always looked forward to every new one being completed. I will actually plan my route from here to there thinking about where there are roundabouts.

Maybe roundabouts can help us think about our lives for the new year (can you believe it is going to be 2020?!)

Entering a roundabout…

-Some approach  with a watchful eye and carefully judge when to enter the roundabout safely.

-Some see the entry stage as a challenge and aggressively enter the roundabout dashing in and barely   missing contact with another car.

-Some actually STOP even though there is not a single car in the roundabout just because they are not   sure or they simply prefer a stop sign.

Entering 2020...How will you approach the New Year? With a plan and goals? Just barrel right into the year with no thought or planning? Or will you actually stop and perhaps spend time reflecting and praying about God’s will for your year?


Exiting a roundabout…

-Some enjoy the ride on the merry-go-round so they go round and round not really getting anywhere. 

-Some miss their exit and have to try again

-Some simply exit at the right place and the right time.

Entering 2020...How will you spend the New Year?  Living life just as it comes with no purpose or direction? Will you have times of mistake and need to start over again?  Will you frequently review your goals and vision and see accomplishment during the year?                             

Most importantly...look to the center of the roundabouts at least here in Carmel. Yes, those monuments can also say something to us. Those monuments are large and built to stay in place. Remember as you navigate your year that we have a God who is large and will stay with you wherever you go in 2020!!

Navigate 2020 with God in the center of life!!!   Pastor Patti