Give The Penny A Second Chance

I don't know about you but I tend to find pennies to be annoying. I was looking at one the other day, which is something I don't typically take time to do. I looked at the front side, In God we Trust,  and I thought to myself, I need to give this coin another chance. It actually may have a good purpose for my life.

How often do we walk by a penny on the pavement and perhaps not pick it up because its value is minimal? How often do we receive pennies in change and think that they are not worth keeping so we just drop them in some donation jar? So we typically pass by pennies. What if we gave the penny a second chance?

What if we were to instead pick up the penny and give it a second chance as we pause to be God we trust. What if we did this with each penny we encounter daily and understand that second chance reminder to us is that no matter what we are worrying about, read that message...In God we Trust. No matter what we are afraid of...the words are there to remind us...In God we Trust...In God I trust...

I am working to give the penny a second chance. It may not have great monetary value but it holds a message which I have the opportunity to hear multiple times each day if I just give the penny a second chance.

 Rev. Patti Napier