Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day seems to have diverse purposes as we observe the upcoming weekend.

     1. The original purpose was to honor those who died in serving our country.

     2. This seems to have expanded to decorating not only gravesites of those who

          had served our country but also our other loved ones.

     3. The Indianapolis 500 weekend

     4. First weekend of summer

     5. Open up the lake houses

And maybe you have other purposes for the weekend. I think that no matter the activity of the weekend, I hope you will  take some time to remember…

      1. Remember those who have served our country so that we have freedoms that

          others may not have.

      2. Remember loved ones who have impacted your life directly maybe not with

          physical flowers on a gravesite but with prayers of thanks.

My mom makes the journey to place flowers on the gravesites of her mother, her father, and her sister each year. The years that I have made that trip with her, I see on her face that she is immersed in memories of them.  What a beautiful way to honor the deceased person but also to honor God with thanks for the life that was shared with us.

Wherever the weekend may take you, I hope that you will pause to remember...most importantly remember that God has journeyed this life with you wherever that has been and that God will move forward with you...and in fact is ahead of you.

Have a blessed and safe Memorial Weekend.     Pastor Patti