Overcoming Apathy

It seems to me that Millennials are being given the award for apathy in today’s world. They are called the “meh” generation. If I am not mistaken, the Simpsons  first coined the word “meh” which seems to provide some clarity to the description of apathy.

Some call the millennials the “meh” generation.

How do you feel about things? Meh.

Did you want to get involved? Meh.

What are you passionate about? Meh.

Indifference, boredom...apathy...I personally am not so certain that one generation has more of a hold on apathy than another. I think it exists in the Boomers, the Xers, the Zers, and all other generations before and inbetween. I think that all of us are vulnerable to becoming filled with apathy at any time in our lives. Scripture has a lot to say about apathy and compares it to being a sloth.

As we confirmed 15 sixth graders this last Sunday into CUMC, I cautioned them that they are now at risk of spiritual apathy. How? For the last year they have had high expectations and commitment for growth in their faith. With the completion of the confirmation process, more commitment will need to come from them to continue to grow in their faith. They will have to decide if it is important. They will have to decide that other choices do not distract them. They will have to decide if they care enough. In other words, spiritual growth continues or spiritual apathy begins.

Hmmm...I said that I cautioned the 6th graders about this...perhaps this too crosses the lines to all generations?

Pastor Patti