Stop the Noise!

Have you ever had a day or moment when you felt like there were so many things coming at you that you clutched your head saying “I can’t take this anymore?” Life can make so much noise that you cannot think and the noise is all you hear.


Walking in church on Sunday reminded me of this kind of noise. A security alarm was stuck...ringing and ringing and ringing.  We had a key to silence it but that only lasted a couple of minutes. Just not enough!!! After the majority of people left the church building, I silenced the alarm once again. Pastor Aj said to me “The silence sounds SO good and silent.”

Sometimes we live our lives with continual blaring noise and even forget how wonderful the silence is. We forget how relaxing, yet energizing the silence can be. Maybe that is something that you need to add to your life of faith. As we are talking about “Dangerous Prayers” on Sundays leading up to Easter, just maybe you could step away from the noise and into the silence with God. In my message Sunday, I shared about the Jewish practice of covering your head with a prayer shawl (called a tallit) understanding that a quiet place with God has been created. I sometimes think of that as a private tabernacle. If you are a mom or dad, imagine what a family member may say if they came upon you in a quiet room, sitting on the floor, with a covering over your head. I know--your family would probably tease you about that!!!  Mom or Dad has lost it!!! But imagine the example you are setting for them and the benefit for you.


I believe we will lose our minds and souls if we don’t take moments to ground ourselves in God and to renew our souls! Why not try? Let me know what you discover!   

Blessings, Patti