strenght in numbers

Years ago while on a safari in Africa, the lions taught me a very good lesson. We traveled in a Jeep for two weeks following the great migration of animals. The Jeep was without doors, barely a roof and we were clearly exposed. If any animal was hungry, they could have easily attacked us and our tour would be over. When we would draw near a group of lions or other great creatures, the guide would remind us to not make any sudden movement, not to speak loudly and not to get out of the vehicle (not a problem, really!) The key was staying together inside of the Jeep. When we stayed together, when we journeyed together, we had a strength and a fearsomeness in the minds of the lions that we would not have had if we were standing alone.

This principle holds true in the jungle of Africa and in the jungle of Carmel UMC. This is why we talk so much about grow groups. You need to find your people because as long as you walk alone, you will never know your strength. Your greatest strength is not when you can prove that you don't need anyone; your greatest strength is when you no longer have to prove that you can do it alone.

If you contact Chris Thornsberry (, he will find a grow group to start or join!