You Have Been Washed Clean

Saturday before Easter was a soggy, rainy day which meant that when my dog, Ava, came in from chasing the squirrels, birds and ducks as she loves to do, she was a drowned rat and smelled like one too. Her feet smelled of pure mud as she had run through once mulched beds that were then covered with mud and water. At one point Ava came to me, nuzzled up and wanted to be pet but I told her "Ugh, you stink!"

By the time that you read this, we will have celebrated Easter and told one another that "He is Risen!".  My dog reminded me of the Easter message. Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, happened because "I stink!".  I stink with the many ways that I sin day in and day out. But God has not turned me away. He has continued to invite me to nuzzle up with Him. He accepts and loves me no matter how dirty or smelly I am. And not only that, He did exactly what I ultimately be washed clean of my sins. He sent His Son, Jesus, to live, die and be resurrected so that I may be made clean as snow and therefore  can celebrate Easter!!  Hallelujah!

I pondered the message of Easter and what Jesus has done for me. Though my act is not nearly as sacrificial as what Jesus did, I did give Ava a bath so that she was clean and smelled sweet again.

Easter Sunday 2019 may be passed but the Easter message lives on and on and on. 

Blessings- Pastor Patti