• From the time my children were old enough to talk, when they told me, “I love you, Mama,” I would say, “I love you more.”  Sometimes they would respond with an amount. “I love you a million times more.” I would respond with a bigger amount. Usually I would win in the end, or someone would run out of bigger numbers.  Once, joking with my youngest, I said, “You love me that much, huh? Do you love me more than chocolate?” That stopped her in her tracks. She loved me a “million, billion, trillion more.” However, she really liked chocolate.  We laughed, and I promised I would never make her choose between me and chocolate.

  • The epic battle of good vs. evil has played out in a number of places and ways.  The musical Wicked tells the unexpected backstory of Elphaba, the “Wicked Witch of the West.”  We may know her better as the cackling, green faced woman who is allergic to water in The Wizard of Oz. In Wicked, Elphaba becomes roommates with Glinda, the “Good Witch”, at school.  As we get to know both of these women, the lines between good and evil get blurry.  Elphaba is supposed to be bad, yet she is heroic and kind. Glinda is supposed to be “good,” yet she is shallow, selfish, and a bully.  

  • Roundabouts are a way of Life…at least in Carmel IN


    In Carmel, a frequent topic of conversation is roundabouts and certainly most everyone has an opinion. I will admit that I have always looked forward to every new one being completed. I will actually plan my route from here to there thinking about where there are roundabouts.